Economic Development Impacts of Bus Rapid Transit

Principal Investigator:

Andrew Guthrie, Research Fellow, Humphrey School of Public Affairs


  • Yingling Fan, Assistant Professor, Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Project Summary:

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will take on an increasingly important role in the Twin Cities transit system over the coming years. With low construction costs and design flexibility, BRT allows for the implementation of transitway service in a wide range of corridors and operating environments. It is also hoped that the fast travel speeds, unique branding and recognizable, high-amenity stations of BRT services will present economic development opportunities similar to those of LRT. Despite these high expectations, BRT is still a largely unknown quantity in the Twin Cities. To close this gap in regional knowledge, this research will analyze the economic development impacts of BRT in relation to the impacts of LRT using residential and economic data on BRT and LRT lines operating in the Twin Cities region and Metropolitan Council-defined peer regions.


Project Details: