Innovative Technology Workshop on 3D Lidar

Principal Investigator:

Brian Davis, Research Fellow, Mechanical Engineering


Project Summary:

Collecting mobile LIDAR data is becoming more common among state and county DOTs. It presents a means for collecting a great deal of information about the geometry of a road and its surrounding area at a lower cost than traditional surveying techniques. These methods yield a point cloud, or 3D geometric representation, of the scanned area. Depending on the accuracy of the sensors used, the point cloud can be as accurate as 1cm. Such systems enable a number of applications including surveying, construction, driver assistance systems, facilities inspection, inventory detection, asset management and more. This project will develop and conduct a workshop for city and county traffic engineers who are interested in learning more about LIDAR and its potential traffic applications. This will include a classroom component discussing the state of the art in mobile LIDAR scanning as well as a lab component to show active LIDAR hardware collecting data at a test site. We will focus on monitoring the traffic conditions at intersections with the lidar located at a fixed location. These workshops will be delivered at two locations around the state.


Project Details: