PAG Rock Implementation Project - Map

Principal Investigator:

Dean Peterson, Program Manager, UMD-NRRI


Project Summary:

Environmental concerns exist surrounding the exposure of potentially acid generating (PAG) minerals to water and air, and the subsequent aqueous products of their chemical weathering on the Earth's surface. Such concerns have the ability to impact completion of infrastructure projects such a road building. An available guidance manual, specifically written for MnDOT and based on a detailed understanding of the geology of Minnesota, would help direct informed project task planning when PAG rock is anticipated on a project. To complete this guidance manual, MnDOT must identify the geologic environments and/or formations where PAG rock may be encountered within future MnDOT right of ways (ROW). This estimated $10,000 research work plan will generate a digital map ranking (from 0 -low, to 20 -high) the likelihood of encountering PAG minerals throughout MnDOT Districts #1 and #2. The final map will have four underlying ranked (from 0 -low, to 5 -high) components including bedrock geology, mineral occurrences, lithologic boundaries, and depth to bedrock.


Project Details: