Field Implementation of Direction Rumble Strips for Deterring Wrong-Way Entries

Principal Investigator:

Albert C.J. Luo, Professor, N/A


Project Summary:

Drivers who make wrong-way (WW) entries onto freeways pose a serious risk to the safety of right-way (RW) motorists and themselves. The previous project, "Directional Rumble Strips for Reducing Wrong-Way-Driving (WWD) Freeway Entries," developed and tested directional rumble strips (DRS) patterns (named A to E) to counter this safety issue. WW drivers are expected to perceive elevated sound and vibrations while RW drivers will slow down by DRS. Three patterns (D3, C, and E.1) were recommended for field evaluation. Pattern D3 can be installed at the off-ramp terminal near the stop bar. WW drivers may notice the "DO NOT ENTER" sign by the sound and vibration. It has the shape of an arrow which indicates the right direction for traffics. Pattern C was proposed at the segment between the terminal and the ramp curve. WW drivers can be alerted by the increasing sound and vibrations from three strip groups and pay attention to WW signs. Pattern E.1 was recommended to be installed on the tangent before the curve, which can provide visual assistance for vehicles exiting the freeway of the incoming curve in addition to sound and vibrations. Exits 208 and 284 on I-65 were selected for implementation based on a mathematical model and numerous WWD incidents observed in the field. Before-and-after studies will be conducted to evaluate the effects of these patterns based on drivers' speeds, behavior, and the number of WWD incidents. A general guideline will be developed to provide guidance of implementing DRS.


Project Details: