Research Topics

Transportation research at the U of M encompasses many disciplines and subjects. You can view our research within the broad topic areas below.

You can also find research by keyword.

Effective planning of transportation networks and the relationships between transportation and land use.

The impacts of transportation on the natural environment and human health.

Traffic Operations
Efficient real-time management of complex transportation systems.

Preventing vehicle crashes and other traffic-related incidents that claim thousands of lives every year.

Traffic Modeling and Data
Advanced simulation technologies that let researchers and professionals develop better solutions to traffic-related problems.

Protecting the transportation system and its users from crime, terrorist activity, natural disasters, and other threats and disruptions and developing transportation strategies for evacuation and mitigation.

Intelligent Vehicles
Systems and technologies that help drivers operate their vehicles safely and efficiently under a variety of conditions, ranging from normal driving to hazardous situations.

Economic impacts of transportation systems and projects, pricing of transportation facilities, and transportation financing strategies.

The movement of goods via all modes of transportation.

Materials and techniques to produce safe, economical roadways and airport runways.

Bridges & Structures
The use of steel, concrete, and other building materials for bridges and other transportation structures.

Repair and upkeep of roads and other transportation facilities.

Effective management of complex construction projects and development of innovative construction technologies.


Research spanning the spectrum of transportation modes, including:

Research Implementation

Activities that help transfer research results to practice.