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FY2012 Funding

CTS carries out its work with a yearly budget of approximately $22 million. This supports activities including: 

  • Research programs
  • Education and training activities
  • Staffing and operations
  • Community outreach 

State funding 

Includes operating funds allocated by the State Legislature, and funding by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. 

Federal funding 

Federal funders include the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Transit Administration, and the Research and Innovative Technology Administration of the USDOT; the National Cooperative Highway Research Program; and the National Science Foundation. 

Local & regional funding 

The Minnesota Local Road Research Board, the Twin Cities Metropolitan Council, and Hennepin County are among local and regional organizations funding CTS. 

U of M funds 

University of Minnesota funding includes matching funds for federal research projects, unrecovered indirect costs matching funds and project funds.