Mission & Goals

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CTS is a catalyst for transportation innovation through research, education, and outreach.

In Research

  • CTS creates connections between researchers and funding organizations that are interested in transportation issues.
  • CTS coordinates and manages research services for University of Minnesota researchers.
  • CTS disseminates knowledge in the form of research reports and news publications.
  • CTS initiates and coordinates interdisciplinary research on complex transportation-related issues such as transportation and regional growth.

In Education

  • CTS promotes transportation education in several disciplines within the University.
  • CTS provides professional development opportunities and technical training courses around the state.
  • CTS develops interactive course modules to help university professors teach transportation courses.
  • CTS facilitates access to information for students and transportation professionals.
  • CTS develops K-12 curriculum materials related to transportation, and participates in programs that bring pre-college students to the university to explore related fields.

In Outreach

  • CTS promotes events related to transportation both within and outside the university.
  • CTS sponsors conferences and forums that bring national figures to Minnesota to discuss transportation issues.
  • CTS publishes newsletters, Web pages, and e-mails dedicated to transportation news for policy makers, technical professionals, and the public.
  • CTS works to improve public access to transportation-related informational resources.


CTS strives for excellence in five areas:

Strengthening University expertise

CTS strengthens the research and education expertise in transportation-related fields among the faculty and staff within the University. In addition to expanding the expertise of current faculty and staff with whom it works, the Center endeavors to attract other faculty and staff in the University to transportation-related fields and create new faculty and research positions in areas where expertise is lacking.

Championing formal education

CTS champions formal credentialed education initiatives by supporting the development of more University education programs in transportation-related areas, both degree-related education and short courses. These programs offer credentials such as degrees, minors, certificates, CEUs, etc. to new students, working professionals, and policymakers.

Fostering ideas and knowledge development

CTS fosters the development of new ideas and knowledge through the faculty-led research programs and interdisciplinary teams that the Center administers and supports. The Center advances the University research mission by promoting publication of research results and development of graduate students in the field of transportation.

Initiating stakeholder and public participation

CTS initiates and responds to public and stakeholder education and communication. CTS strives to be visible as a catalyst for focusing the public debate on transportation-related issues while maintaining the role of an objective neutral facilitator. The Center is proactive in reaching the media, elected officials, public interest groups, and ultimately the public itself on current and future issues in transportation.

Promoting applied problem solving

CTS brings expertise from multiple disciplines and organizations together to identify emerging transportation-related issues and to promote actions beyond research that lead to solutions on these issues. The Center works with faculty, staff and practitioners to facilitate the implementation of research results, recognizing that additional resources for outreach and technology transfer efforts may be required. edit